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Corporate Apartments Beaumont TX

Corporate Apartments Beaumont TX

Country Village is happy to be a reliable provider for all types of apartments in Beaumont Texas including corporate options. Since we have taken over ownership of this beautiful property we have notices that different type of renters have different needs and requirements.

Our goal has always been to cater each need our customers have. Now with our corporate units available we are able to work directly with different types of companies that send people over for school, work, and other programs. Our turn key process on our apartments in Beaumont is great for any company, small or large. Usually when a company wants to send someone to work out of the area they need furnished units and those come in a few forms. Hotels, motels, extended stay hotels, and furnished corporate units. We provide the best options and below we explain some great features that your company will enjoy by working with us at Country Village.


Our staff here at Country Village understands the importance of great communication. Whether you are planning for a year in advanced or want to reserve a turn key unit for your employees in the very near future then we are right for you. By corresponding by email, phone, and even video chats if necessary we are able to keep a tight communication with the companies we work with integrating updates to their leases as necessary.


Being flexible is so important to any company and not knowing the length of a job can sometimes hurt your decision making when planning for accommodations. We understand this and know how hard it is to gauge the length of some out of town projects. That is why our friendly leasing agents are great at organizing short term, customized, and month to month leases for every type of renter.


Our corporate options for apartments are great because of its geographical locations and safety. We are located just outside of Beaumont on the city limits of Jefferson County. Here are we protected by the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department. We are out of the city, have less noise, and really provide the perfect place for a quiet nights rest after a hard day of work.

If you, your company, or someone you know is interested in securing one of these units we are standing by waiting to help you. We have several different packages and options and it would be great to speak with you and collect some more information so we can properly accommodate you. Please fill out this form or call us at (409)-8242-9063. We look forward to hearing from you.